Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Color Run: Birmingham


On Labor Day I did the Color Run in Birmingham and it was a blast! The entire drive from Tuscaloosa to Birmingham my friend Riley and I were doing a bunch of different "anti-rain" things (you know... rain dances, praying to the rain gods, all that). It didn't work so well. That's when we decided to suck it up and have a great time. Despite the rain everyone I saw had a smile on their face and was ready to be doused in color. 
The costumes I saw were so great! Lots of wigs, socks, and tutus. The race was on a race track so you could see all of the other runners getting their color on. There were so many people that we had to start in waves. It was torture!! All I wanted to do was get out there and start my Color Run. Having signed up for the run back in April, the anticipation was getting a little out of hand.
I didn't even care about the fact that I resembled a wet dog because the WaterColor Run (props to Riley for coining such an awesome term) was amazing! I cannot wait to do another one!


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