Friday, April 25, 2014

Local Honey is Awesome

With spring in full swing and the pollen making everything a strange shade of green, I went to my favorite most natural way to combat allergies: local honey. By eating local honey your body can help defend you against the local allergens. It's kind of how when you get the flu shot and it has some of the flu in it. You have to take it in to protect yourself against it. Pretty cool, right? Local honey is especially easy to obtain now that the local farmers markets are opening back up.

Need to find a farmers market near you?
1. Visit the Local Harvest website and type in your location. It will bring up a list of your local farmers markets, where they are located, and when they are open!
2. Download the Farmstand App on your smart phone. It will also give you a list of where the farmers markets are in your area and allow you to see when they are operating!

Need some ideas? My favorite, easy ways to eat honey!
1. Coffee and tea sweetener: every morning I make coffee and every morning I sweeten it with honey.
2. Sandwiches: honey on dry toast OR honey and banana slices OR peanut butter and honey 

3. Oatmeal and honey: making plain oatmeal can be relatively bland, adding honey can put a little bit of a sweet taste into this easy breakfast!

What are some other ways you incorporate honey into your daily diet? 
Happy spring!!

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