Thursday, May 29, 2014

My First Week with WIC

Well I went to college, graduated, and have now I started working at the Mobile County Health Department as a Nutrition Associate for WIC. For those of you that don't know, WIC stands for "Women, Infants, and Children" and is a nutrition supplement program for qualifying women. I am SO excited and grateful to have this opportunity and can't wait to see what I learn!
There are a few things I learned within my first week of work:
1.  Write down your co-workers' names. You will meet so many people, they will remember your name, and you may not remember theirs. It gets awkward when you keep referring to Annie as Claire. I even made a chart of where people sit in the office so I could remember who they were.

2. Bring your lunch and pack it the night before. The best graduation present my parents gave me was my lunch box. I bring my lunch every day and that way I know exactly what I'm eating and don't have to spend any extra money going out for lunch. Chances are, the lunch you pack for yourself will be healthier than the lunch you go out and purchase during your break. I also recommend packing a small snack. Each day I have gotten hungry between when I arrive and when I eat lunch. I make sure to pack something small (granola bars, trail mix, etc.) for the midmorning. Packing your lunch the night before will eliminate having to plan in the morning and will save you some time.

3. Exercising is easier in the morning. If you can drag yourself out of bed, you will NOT be sad when you get back home and are able to completely relax. After exercising in the morning I find that I have much more energy throughout the day. I think the extra hour to fully wake up and get ready for work has a big part in that. Some days I can't make it happen, and it isn't horrible going in the afternoon, but I definitely appreciate the days I can come home and just hang out and not have to stress about it.

4. Coffee is magic, just magical.

5. Try to learn from everybody you are interacting and working with. They've worked there longer than you and, even though you're fancy and graduated college, they know better than you how to do their job. Their job may not be your job but it will definitely help you in some way.

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