Friday, March 9, 2012

Get Moving: for a cause

This past weekend, on March 4th, I ran my 5th half marathon! It was the "Rock and Roll New Orleans Marathon". This run was benefitting the American Cancer Society. I had run in this race twice before and had a great time again this past weekend. It took me around an hour and 50 minutes, not too bad for having the stomach but the week before!

Running a half marathon is no easy task. Especially having not trained as much as I usually do. This race was definitely harder to get through. The Rock and Roll series have bands playing on stages throughout the run. So, at about every mile or so a new band is cheering you on and rocking out. The bands made it easier but when it came down to it I was so glad to be finished!

The first thing I did was go to the expo to pick up my number, t-shirt, and all the other things I needed for the race the next day. 

I was so excited, but surprised, to see that the race was filled up. It was completely sold out! Awesome news for the American Cancer Society!!

Finishing the race was definitely a tough one...

So happy when it was over though!!

One of my favorite things about visiting New Orleans, Louisiana is the food! At one restaurant I had a crawfish pasta. It consisted of noodles, peeled crawfish tails (which I absolutely adore), some peppers, and an Alfredo sauce. It was amazing!! I felt like I was eating pure culture. Then, while walking along the street, I saw a place that makes caramel apples. My friends and I decided to go in. I bought a chocolate covered banana and it was amazing. I'm talking the best-banana-I've-ever-eaten kind of amazing.

Whenever you're traveling make sure to grab a bite of the local food, you never know what you'll end up with! 

Get Moving: for a cause - find a local walk or run near you. Chances are the money is going towards a good cause and it'll get you active for the day! (maybe you'll even get a t-shirt)

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