Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fight the Flab

Whenever October and November roll around I put away the bathing suits, bring out the boots, and forget all about those crunches I've been doing all summer. I mean... it's cold outside and I'm constantly wearing layers so what's the point? Today I decided to start working on it again so it wouldn't be as hard when those New Year's resolutions rolled around. Seriously though, you can't be ready for spring break if you start two weeks before hand!

Naturally I went to Pinterest to start looking. Check out my "Circuits" board, it has a ton of good workouts!
These are the two I did today:
Try it out, they're super easy! Another thing I love to do is to go to YouTube and type is "Pilates Abs." So many videos pop up giving you step-by-step instruction. They only last around 10 minutes and then you're done for the day!
Ps. The "Pop and Hip Hop Workout" station on Pandora is amazing! :)

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