Thursday, June 14, 2012

greek yogurt substitutions

After deciding to major in Food and Nutrition it has become my mission find ways to make my favorite goodies healthier but still tasty. I found this awesome "cheat sheet" on Pinterest this morning and just had to share it! Substituting Greek yogurt into your recipes in place of fattier ingredients can help lower the calorie and fat intake. I had never even thought about using greek yogurt before! After seeing the difference, I'll definitely have to start using this with my recipes.
How does it measure up?
1 stick of butter = 810 calories & 91.65 g fat

1 cup vegetable oil = 1,927 calories & 218.0 g fat

1 cup olive oil = 1,909 calories & 216.0 g fat

1 cup reuced-fat sour cream = 326 calories & 29 g fat

1 cup mayonnaise = 916 calories & 78.49 g fat

1 cup cream cheese = 810 calories & 80.9 g fat

1 cup buttermilk = 98 calories & 2.16 g fat

1 cup Chobani [plain non-fat] Greek yogurt = 140 calories & 0 g fat

Chobani did a great job with this chart and I can't wait to use it with my next recipes!
Do you use any substitutions in your kitchen?


  1. oh, waw! Great idea using greek yoghurt instead of all that fatty stuff, definitely need to remember that (:

  2. That's a fantastic idea! I wonder if everything tastes yummy still. (:


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