Sunday, June 10, 2012

how to pick 'em - Summertime

My lovely friend at The Corner Apartment is full of beautiful ideas and suggested I write something about how to pick the best produce at the grocery store. I hadn't even thought of it before, but there are times when I am shopping and don't know if something is ripe! Since it is summer, I'll start with those fruits and vegetables. The general key is to look for bright coloring and to avoid bruises, blemishes, and cuts.
Apples: When shopping for apples, watch for soft spots and discoloration. Opt for the roundest apple, these will typically have more flavor than elongated ones. 
Avocado: The perfect avocado is black with a firm body and a slightly soft end. A soft avocado is already bruised. Only refrigerate ripe avocados.
Berries: Search the berries for any signs of bruising and aging. Darker berries will have more flavor, but if you plan to keep them for more than a few days then pick the lighter colored ones.
Carrots: A good carrot has a smooth texture and bright orange color. The leaves at the ends should be bright green. Avoid bruises and cracks, wilting greens, and a rough texture.
Cherries: Good cherries are round and firm but give a little when poked. Avoid mushy and discolored cherries.
Melons: Avoid melons that are soft, bruised, pitted, shriveled, punctured, or have cracked rinds. Look for watermelons and honeydew melons that are symmetrical and heavy for their size. A good cantaloupe has a tan or yellow rind.
Peaches: Smell the peach and make sure you observe a strong peachy scent. The skin should be smooth, have a fuzzy coating, and be clear of bruises.
Tomatoes: The best tomatoes are firm, bright in color, and free of blemishes and bruises.
Zucchini: Look for a zucchini that is between 6-8 inches long. The best zucchinis are firm and free of cuts and bruising.

Make sure to wash all produce after purchase! Remember: it is always best to shop seasonally and the best produce will be found at your local farmer's market!


  1. Thanks for sharing! I love avocado and sometimes have trouble knowing which one is good! Awesome find! Great blog hun, come by and let's follow each other! Stay in touch ;) xx

  2. Thanks for sharing :)


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