Saturday, April 28, 2012

When I Was Little... Dirt Cake!

When I think back to foods I ate when I was younger there are very specific (and sweet) things that come to mind. Oreo "dirt" cake, popsicles, chocolate chip cookies, and smoothies. My mouth is watering just thinking about them. I have to say though, the dirt cake was probably my favorite. I would only get it on special occasions and when I did eat it, it only took about five minutes until my serving had disappeared. I was a child that loved to play in the dirt, the hose was one of my favorite toys, and dresses were a dreaded thing. Needless to say, times have changed, but the Oreo dirt cake still makes my day.

4 small packages of instant chocolate pudding
12 ounces of nondairy whipped topping
1.5-2 pounds chocolate sandwich cookies (Oreos)
1/4 lb butter, melted but cooled
Candy gummy worms

1. Prepare chocolate pudding ahead of time and chill. Fold whipped topping into the pudding. Mix gummy worms into the mixture with a spoon.
2. Place cookies in a food processor and pulse into coarse crumbs. You can also place the cookies into a bag and crush them with a rolling pin. Combine crumbs and butter.
3. One cute idea is to serve the the final product in a flower pot (if so, be sure to line the pot with foil before filling with pudding or cookies). Spoon buttered chocolate cookie crumbs into the bottoms of the pot, about 2 inches deep. Fill with pudding until it is about one inch from the top OR alternate layers of cookies and pudding!
4. Place some gummy worms to their heads are sticking out and sprinkle the top with the remaining cookie crumbs (to resemble soil).
5. Refrigerate overnight!

Want it a little healthier? Choose skim milk to make the pudding and opt for non-fat cookies. Another option is to not add the butter. The "soil" will look drier, but it will still taste good!

Original Recipe

Different Serving Ideas:

Anyone else remember this delicious delicacy?!

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