Tuesday, January 24, 2012

get moving, cool things happen!

Today was absolutely awesome. Sunny, not too cold, got out of class early, and ran with an Olympic athlete. YEAH, REALLY. I went on a run after class and as I was running down the road I passed this guy on the sidewalk. I felt pretty speedy since I don't usually pass guys up. I felt speedy until he caught back up to me and started talking to me. He started off by asking me how long I was running for, I said 5 miles and he said he was running 12. Oh, not so speedy now. He then told me it was his second run of the day after running 10 miles this morning. Yep, definitely not speedy anymore. I asked what he was training for and he said the Olympics. OK, that's pretty freaking sweet. I learned he is from Kenya, sponsored by Adidas, and is competing in the 1,500 meter race. I also learned that he has competed in Mobile (my hometown) and that we've even run in some road races together! This pretty much made my already good day even better. Not only did I get the chance to talk to and run with an Olympic athlete, but I got out of class early. :) 

As important as watching your diet is, exercise is essential. It isn't hard, as I'm sure you've heard over and over again. For me - I bike to campus from my apartment, walk to my classes, and jog a couple days a week. It all adds up quickly when you aren't noticing. For some, exercise is hard to fit into a day. On these days you just have to try and get creative. Like parking far away, taking the stairs, or getting up early (which isn't the best thing ever) to get a workout in. For me, it is always easier when I have an awesome playlist or when I have a friend with me. I found a good playlist on Pandora (just type in workout in the search radio menu and lots of options come up). Another great place to find music is on rockmyrun. Members of the sight have put together mash-ups and playlists. You can choose how long your workout is and there is a fast-paced fun list of playlists you can download! 

As Nike says, "just do it!" Get out, get moving, and maybe you'll run into someone training for the Olympics. Even if you don't, you will for sure  feel good about yourself!!

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