Saturday, January 28, 2012

As inspired by the Brick Pit

When I'm home I work at a barbecue restaurant named The Brick Pit (if you're ever in Mobile, I definitely recommend stopping by!). My favorite menu item is the pulled pork but there isn't one thing I don't like on their menu. Thinking about it makes me wish I was able to cruise down the road and get some! The Brick Pit inspired my dinner for tonight. For a little while The Brick Pit sold a barbecue baked potato. You got to choose between chicken and pork, your choice was put into the baked potato, and topped off with some barbecue sauce. This afternoon I went to the grocery store and bought some potatoes and a chicken. I baked the potato for about an hour. I pulled the chicken and heated it up on the skillet in some olive oil. When the potato was ready I opened it up, put in a little bit of butter, and poured some barbecue sauce on top. I put the chicken on the side and ate it all together! I got a little bit of home right in my kitchen :)
"If music be the love of food, play on" - William Shakespeare

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