Saturday, May 19, 2012

Frozen Bananas

My sweet tooth got the best of me yesterday. I keep seeing recipes for frozen fruit and I just had to try one out. Of course, Nutella is involved. No surprise there though. This isn't much of a recipe as it is an idea. I found it on Pinterest (typical) and it is easy as pie (easier even). These are frozen bananas with Nutella and assorted toppings. Yummmm :)

Step 1: Purchase bananas, Nutella, and any toppings you want. I used Butterfingers, Oreos, vanilla wafers, and shredded coconut. Anything could work!
Step 2: Cut bananas into fourths and insert popsicle sticks into the center - I used small stirring straws. The straws seemed like a good idea but were too flexible when it came to eating the bananas. For next time I will probably use something more sturdy. Once the bananas are cut, place them onto a flat surface.
Step 3: Allow bananas to freeze - I let mine sit overnight.
Step 4: Dip bananas into melted Nutella and roll into toppings. To melt the Nutella, I put a spoonful into a bowl, microwaved for 30 seconds, and stirred. The Nutella packaging says not to microwave but I didn't have any major problems. The only problem I did have was with clumping, so microwave a little at a time and this is prevented! For the Oreos, Butterfingers, and vanilla wafers I put them into a food grinder for a few seconds before rolling the bananas into them. The coconut was already shredded. 
Step 5: Freeze for another hour and a half and enjoy!
I immediately tried one of each flavor and absolutely adored them!!! My favorite was the Butterfinger and a close second was the coconut. It is perfect for a hot day like today and I expect they will be gone before I have a chance to enjoy any more. Next I want to try this with strawberries!

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  1. hummm.. I'll take one of each... These look super good!


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