Friday, May 18, 2012

Water Colors

I constantly have a glass of water in my hand, especially throughout the summertime. It isn't hard to tire of the same plain flavor of water. Beverages like sports drinks and sodas are full of calories and sugar. Many people make the mistake of choosing these drinks instead of water and end up consuming entirely too many calories than they should. Unlike sodas, water keeps you hydrated and is very refreshing no matter the circumstance! There are easy ways to make water more appealing. Two of my "go-tos" are adding fruit and the addition of flavoring powders.

Add a little color: water is absolutely divine with some fruit added into it. The fruit not only adds some color but also the mild flavor is a definite bonus!
Some of my favorite fruits to add into water are lemon, strawberry, lime, and cucumber.
Lemon water can even help stop bad breath!!

Add a little flavor: Many companies have come up with packets of powder that can be mixed into water to add some flavor. These are typically low in calories, sugar, and loaded with tastiness. 
My two favorites are Crystal Lite and Mio!
My sweet pup even knows to stay hydrated during this hot summer heat. Although, I wouldn't recommend the bird bath...

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